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Olea europea  


Various olive oil festivals are held in France from December onwards, during what is referred to as the olivade season, to celebrate the new season's pressing, for example the:
Fete de l'huile d'Olive Nouvelle 
in Aix en Provence where, over a weekend,
producers offer tastings of olive oil and many products made from the traditional olive production of the Pays d'Aix: table olives, tapenades, biscuits and gibassiés;

and at Mouries, in the Vallee des Baux, Banyuls sur Mer during which the Confrérie des Oliviers des Banyuls-sur-Mer invite visitors to meet olive oil producers from the region and sample olives and olive oils as we as products such as tapenade.





Rafsai, Rif Mountains

An olive festival has traditionally been held in Rafsai in December to celebrate the region's olive harvest.

Ancient olive Italy.jpg

Olive grove, Provence, France

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