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Corylus avellana



Avella, Avellino province

Chestnut and Hazelnut Festival

2023: 14th - 15th & 20th -23rd October

Avella, in the Province of Avellino, has been hosting the Sagra della Castagna e della Nocciola, it's Chestnut and Hazelnut Festival for the last 9 years in celebration of a long-standing agricultural tradition.




Festa della Nocciola


Badiavecchia, Novara di Sicilia, Messina

7th - 8th October 2023

Taking place in the region of Novara, referred to by some as 'the land of hazelnuts', the ancient village of Badiavecchia celebrates its hazelnut harvest each October with a large festival. Specialities on offer made locally, include desserts, crepes and hazelnut liqueur as well as the famous hazelnut sausage.

In the spring, Novara also hosts an ancient 'cheese-rolling' celebration, in which wheels of  maiurchèa (a seasoned pecorino cheese) are rolled through the streets.









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