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Olea europea  





Sagra delle Olive

2023: 17th - 19th November 

36th year of celebration

Gannosfanadiga, a town and comune in southern Sardinia - a region that is known to have been growing olives since the 18th c BCE - has been hosting a celebration of the regional olive harvest, at the end of November, since the mid-1980s. Local producers, artisans and traders come together to offer produce and tastings of all things olive-related, the opportunity to experience the production of extra virgin olive oil, along with exhibitions and cultural events.

With an economy based on agro-pastoral activity - producing a range of bakery and meat products as well as honey and cork- Gannosfanadiga is known in Sardinia and beyond for its production of the table olive known as the Nera di Gonnos (litterally Black [olive] of Gonos), an olive cultivar, widely grown on small family farms also considered to by some to be the same as the Tonda di Cagliari or Manna - considered of very high quality.


These large, uniform olives with a high pulp to stone ratio, good resistance to handling and long shelf-life (retaining their qualities for over a year) are widely eaten after processing in brine (which has often been flavoured with herbs such as fennel), and in southern Sardinia as green table olives. They also produce an oil considered to be of high quality with a 'light and delicate fruitiness'


Gannosfanadiga is a member of the Associazione nazionale città dell'olio (lNational Association of Oil Towns), the aims of which are the:

  • promotion of extra virgin olive oil and production areas;

  • dissemination of the culture of oil and in particular of quality oil;

  • protection and promotion of the environment and the olive-growing landscape;

  • enhancement of the designation of origin and product guarantee to consumers.



Photo: Marco Centenaro

Ancient olive Italy.jpg

Ancient olive grove, Perugia, Italy

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