Pistacia vera






Sagra del Pistacchio di Bronte

Catania province

October (also in September)


The 2021 Sagra has been cancelled due to  Covid 

See: [https://www.pistacchissimo.it/blog/567-sagra-del-pistacchio-di-bronte-2021-date-e-informazioni]

Described as 'a gastronomic jewel of Bronte', introduced to the island during the Arabic domination of Sicily, and now protected by a DOP label, Bronte's pistachios are considered amongst the best in the world. The Sagra del Pistacchio, a festival devoted to them and their many food applications, and which includes a variety of events and exhibitions relating to their cultivation and harvest by hand, offers the opportunity to sample pistachios in ice-cream, cakes, pasta, arancini (Italian stuffed rice balls) pastries.


'Planting pistachios in Sicily is a sacred ritual which is passed from older generations to younger ones. Picking pistachios from the trees and letting them dry is still done by hand.

Italians can't imagine their cuisine without pistachios...

Pistachios are harvested between late August and early September, once every two years. It begins at the end of August and lasts through September. At this time, the entire town becomes a big family; adults, kids, teenagers and elderly people ignore the heat, holidays and other affairs—they all collect pistachios instead.

Pistachio season continues well into early October. The lovely town of Bronte holds a Pistachio festival every year. The festival dates vary, but they usually take place at the end of September or the beginning of October. It's a great chance to explore ancient Sicilian traditions, taste pistachios, and explore the cuisine and spirits of the region.'



Photo: Alexas_Fotos


Photo: S. Hermann & F. Richter