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Olea europea





Zeytinlik, Kyrenia


First week of October

'The Olive Festival takes place every year in the aptly-named village of Zeytinlik, which means “the place of olives”, located in Kyrenia. Home to countless olive trees for centuries, the region is still a source of the island’s olive supply to this day ...


... Although Cyprus is never short of festivals that celebrate a whole range of fruits and crops in the regions where they are grown, none has ever been quite as popular as the Kyrenia Olive Festival ...

Typically taking place within the first week of October, it sees the tranquil village of Zeytinlik transform into an entertainment hub with hundreds of visitors flocking in from all corners of the island to join the celebrations. It is a perfect opportunity for the locals to showcase their skills – not only in the form of delicious food (credits to olive oil, no less) but also impressive handicrafts ...

The celebrations aren’t always just limited to Zeytinlik village itself. The enthusiasm usually continues at the Kyrenia amphitheatre by the harbour, which hosts concerts by popular singers in honour of the festival. It is also customary for olive factories to open their doors to visitors who want to experience the very process of making olive oil first-hand.'





Ollioulles, Provence

30th September - 1st October 2023

Ollioules in the Var region, near Sanary sur Mer and Toulon holds a long-established Fête de l'Ol iver each year on the first weekend of October. The 2023 celebration was the 32nd held.

'There is the traditional planting / blessing of an olive tree, parades, Provençal music, and stands full of everything “olive”– breads, tapenades, seasoned olives, and olive biscuits ...

The mayor provides everyone with an opening “aperitif” on the first day, there is a “gastronomic” meal organized by Les Amis de l’Olivier (Friends of the Olive Tree), and an Aioli competition which pits locals against each other to see who makes the best of this traditional sauce / accompaniment to fish dishes'



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Photo: Hans Braxmeier


Photo: Valter Cirillo

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