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San Gavino Monreale 

Mostra Regionale dello Zafferano

November 14th 2021

San Gavino Monreale is a farming town in the Medio Capidano region of Sardinia, an area that was growing saffron extensively by the mid 15th century.  It is Sardinia's most important producer of this precious spice today and has been celebrating its harvest each November with a Fiera Internazionale dello Zafferano.


This year, 2021, following the disruptions caused by the pandemic, a 'regional exhibition' is being staged - backed by the network of municipalities of Turri, San Gavino Monreale and Villanovafranca with the aim of promoting agricultural and artesanal products related to saffron.  It will offer guided tours of the saffron fields by producers, and tastings of food and wine as well as gastronomic workshops.

'Since the XV century, the area has been a major saffron producer. The precious ‘red gold’ made here still today meets a great part of Italian demand, and much of it is exported. The processing techniques have been handed down over generations and the end-product is [traditionally] celebrated for ten days in November of each year with ... the Fiera internazionale dello zafferano, when you can enjoy a variety of dishes made with the precious spice.


Another significant saffron producer, the agricultural town of Turri, in the Marmilla region, in south-central Sardinia, has also also held a festival in honour of the saffron produced locally, on the second Sunday in November.  

Visitors can tours the saffron fields in flower, watch the saffron being processed and taste traditional dishes containing it.



Also in the Marmilla region, the medieval town of Villanovafranca produces saffron and celebrates its harvest with a festival each November.





Photo: Safa Daneshvar


Photo: hodihu