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Crocus sativus







Festival delle Strade dello Safferano di Sardegna PDO

Turri, Villa Novafranca & San Gavino Monreale 

2023:  November 5th - 19th

Working together since 2017 to promote and publicize the cultivation of saffron and the artesanal products related to it, the municipalities of Turri, San Gavino Monreale and Villanovafranca which have PDO (DOP in Italian) 'protected designation of origin' status for their produce, now take it in turns to host celebrations (which previously took place independently and autonomously) of this precious spice, over three weekends in November.

Offering a great variety of events, from guided tours of the saffron fields by producers, tastings of food and drinks incorporating saffron to gastronomic workshops, the “The Strade Festival of Saffron of Sardinia DOP ' enables visitors to 'discover history and traditions, breathe in the atmosphere that revolves around the harvesting of saffron flowers and taste some typical dishes prepared with the precious spice'



The 2023 celebrations begin in the agricultural town of Turri on 5th November, in the Marmilla region, in south-central Sardinia - a significant saffron producer.


Visitors can tour the saffron fields in flower, watch saffron being processed and taste traditional dishes containing it.[]



On the 12th November, it's the turn of the medieval town of Villanovafranca, also in the Marmilla region




San Gavino Monreale

On the 19th November celebrations take place in the farming town of San Gavino Monreale, in Sardinia's Medio Capidano region.  This is an area that was growing saffron extensively by the mid 15th century and which still meets a great part of contemporary Italian demand. A big exporter also, it has been regarded as Sardinia's most important producer. With processing techniques handed down over generations, the end-product was traditionally celebrated for ten days in November of each year with the Fiera internazionale dello zafferano. 


According to Nicola Ennas, vice mayor of San Gavino Monreale today:


'saffron represents the soul and essence of our community. San Gavino is among the main producers of saffron in Italy, so much so that in the town there is almost no family that does not have ties to this excellent production. On Sunday 19 November our community will be ready to welcome visitors by showing off our red gold with a rich program of initiatives'.







Photo: Safa Daneshvar


Photo: hodihu

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